Every German throws away 82 kg of food each year.

published: 08.11.2011

This need not be the case – "Save the Rest" thanks to the Rieber vaculid.

"It is time for a change in awareness and for more appreciation of our food (…) Everyone can make a contribution towards stopping valuable resources being wasted. Eleven million tons of food waste is "a mountain of waste for which we cannot be held responsible." These were the words of Ilse Aigner – Consumer Protection Minister (CSU) on Tuesday.

At Rieber we have already been working on this issue for a long time. We exhibited at the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg back in Spring 2011 with our slogan "Protecting Food."
We consider the issue of "protecting food" to be that of guaranteeing the quality of food from the field to the plate whilst conserving our resources.

Excessive quantities - incorrect storage

Alongside our low appreciation of food, the two main reasons for the large amount of food waste are the purchase of excessive quantities and incorrect storage.
The GN360, the complete operating system for any form of food preservation, preparation, cooking and transportation of meals, is the ideal solution for handling any food. Thanks to its vacuum seal Gastronorm "vaculid" it is now possible to preserve meals systematically and naturally during storage and to continue to preserve food again and again. This means that food stays naturally fresher for longer – and less waste is generated.

Ilse Aigner's "Too Good for the Bin" information campaign with the aim of giving consumers knowledge and tips about handling food – "from purchasing and correct storage to processing it in the kitchen" – is a good start, however it also requires the right infrastructure/products to translate it into reality. As industry we therefore see it as our job to provide consumers with the right "tools" so that they can contribute safely, easily and conveniently to the resource-conserving handling of food.

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